Misc. Film & TV

This is a collection of various television- & film-based work I’ve done over the years. From Bravo to TLC to ESPN, these are projects that aren’t otherwise represented in my portfolio.

Motion graphics, video editing and animation for International Paper’s worldwide corporate broadcast:

For Jon Meyers’ feature film A Fine Step, we spent some very late nights frantically compositing videos and stills for the American Film Market in Santa Monica. The movie stars Leonor Varela, Luke Perry & Armand Assante and was shot here in Memphis.


I helped out long-time set design collaborators Seth Easter Design with the crawler graphics for Olbermann’s return to ESPN, which debuted to rave reviews but was short-lived.

ESPN Keith Olbermann set graphics

Motion graphics for NIH’s TV commercial spot promoting HIV research access in the DC area, in partnership with the always fun guys at Baker+Hill.

A music video for Chicken Ranch Records from DIY footage of the band. Decidedly low-fi, in keeping with the rawness of both musical style & source video.

In partnership with Brian Oakes & Chris Phoenix, we created an entire show package for Bravo’s Battle Of The Network Reality Stars.

Created for TLC’s “Ice Diaries” reality show way back in 2005/2006, these rough animated edits for the Show Open were part of a long process of working with production company IMG to get the episodes finalized.


For other film/TV projects, please see: